Sports Facilities





Panetolikos Stadium (G.F.S. Panetolikos) is the natural home of the Panetolikos football team (Panetolikos Gymnastic Educational Association). The Stadium was built in 1930s, from 2005 onwards a series of adjustments were conducted while in 2011 with the rise of the football team in the First Division, Kapsalis Construction Firm assumed the reconstruction and the extension of the football stadium to the south portion.


These constructions began in May of 2011 and rapidly were completed in just 84 days. The total reconstruction of the Panetolikos Stadium was scheduled to be implemented in two phases, conceptual design and manufacturing.

At the first phase of work we performed:


• Construction of a new radius (1,400 seats) on the southern side of the stadium.
• Were placed plastic seats.
• Generated storage facilities on each gate individually, substation sites of Public Power Corporation, control room for monitoring and lighting the entire stadium.
• We upgraded the electric lighting with UEFA standards.
• We performed the construction of the new sod and concrete support walls.
• Last but not least all premises of the field completely have been renovated and include among others, canteens, VIP room, WC.


In the second phase is planned the installation of the roof in the southern portion of the Stadium, as the study and the design have been completed successfully.