Photovoltaic Systems

Is an application of Renewable Energy Sources with enormous interest in Greece? The photovoltaic system generates electricity from solar energy, offering a technology-friendly environment, with zero maintenance requirements, long life, ability to install on existing structures and flexibility in applications.


The photovoltaic systems can significantly contribute to the so-called ‘Scattered Energy Production’ (Distributed Power Generation), which is the new model of development in advanced energy manufacturing systems, transmission and distribution of electricity.
The diversification in energy production, offered by photovoltaic’s, combined with a large proportion of independence from oil and to prevent further pollution of the environment, can create economic growth conditions in a new energy landscape that is currently formed in the advanced countries.


Kapsalis Construction Company supplies reliable studies, the preparation of the dossiers for licensing the photovoltaic systems on roof houses and businesses, the supply of the equipment from large and guaranteed factories and finally the installation of the photovoltaic systems.


Kapsalis Construction Company from November 2012 until May 2013 in collaboration with the JP AVAX, ISOLAR and K SPARK constructed 90 P / V parks in Etoloakarnania district and Corfu as well as security systems (cameras, alarms, etc.) from 250 P / V parks in same regions in very strict timetables due to the reduction of the price of P / B and during difficult weather conditions.