Company Profile

Company Profile

Panagiotis Kapsalis

Civil Engineer

Panayiotis Kapsalis has graduated from the University of Patras, he has operations as a Civil Engineer from 2000, and undertaking studies in advanced building projects, apartment buildings, residential and sports facilities in Greece.

Technical company

The Kapsalis technical company was created not only as a livelihood, but also because of the necessity of creating and offering in the social realm. Inspiration, creativity, courage, perseverance, patience, humor are the co-creators of our works.

The aim

The enjoyments of our creations are inspired from the public, our goal. The credibility, responsibility, integrity, values are characterizing us.

Our orientation

Our orientation is the continuous enrichment of the equipment and the logistic infrastructure by our specialized and experienced staff.

We build with the same enthusiasm and dedication throughout our years of activity, demonstrating with the realization of your own and our dreams that you have made the best and safer investment of life for you and your beloved ones.
We respect your environment and your views; we fully combine functionality, quality and economy. The entire individual parts of our company work together harmoniously bringing constantly new data and innovative architectural expression.
Based on functionality, optimal space utilization and economy, the detail defines the high final result of the construction. Each line of the architectural plan, after being evaluated for its feasibility, leads to a series of original construction details that are solved with absolute precision.

Design and Construction Profile of the KAPSALIS Company

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We're setting up your Dreams

In order to ensure the quality of the projects executed by the technical company Kapsalis, he uses, in addition to the experienced and trained engineers who are staffing him, experienced foremen and workers, while his cooperation with contractors and suppliers is always characterized by reliability, specialization and responsibility.

Today, having implemented millions of euro projects, we look forward to the future with confidence and we are committed to satisfy your needs in the best, economical and most secure way in order to “set up your dreams”.