Two Storey Residence in Agrinio


The recognition of the multiannual tender in studies and construction sectors, comes to confirm besides the constant operations incurred by construction company Kapsalis, the award of a two-storey house in Agrinio. This project won the first award to an architectural competition.



In a landscaped urban environment, gently sloping, a rectangular shaped plot land of 485.73 m2 area, with both sides to street boundaries was designed and constructed, a two floored residence with a covered pool of 288.09 m2 area.

This property is composed of rectangular prisms which are hinged approximately a C shape and create an inner outdoor core.


The latter marks the residence boundaries with dense bushes and a wall system that is part of the overall volume, achieving the separation of the residence from the public area.

A basic element of the synthesis constitutes the main internal actuating shaft. It is clearly visible and separates the house into two units.


On the one hand we deal with the public area such as the living and dining room on the ground floor where access is instant, while on the first floor the bedrooms are arranged.


The second tangent of the middle wall, include their routine living and relaxation areas such as, kitchen, living room, swimming pool and guest house.

In the underground are arranged the storage and the electromechanical areas.

As The modulation of the locus its characteristic constitutes, the alternation of the materials, such as black tiles, wooden floors, and the aquatic element of the pool, which constitute a fully embedded and harmonized across the white volume?

Διώροφος κατοικία στο Αγρίνιο