Panayiotis Kapsalis is a graduate of the Polytechnic school of Patra, and operates as a Civil Engineer since 2000, undertaking studies of complex building projects, apartment buildings, residential and sports facilities in Greece.
Kapsalis Construction Engineering Corporation is a collaboration of engineers which are operating in the construction area. Our long experience, great expertise and completed projects constitute a guarantee for our customers.
Today, having implemented multi-million euro projects, we look to the future with confidence. Framed by an experienced team of engineers of all specialties, we are firmly establishing our course. We pledge to keep unchanged the initial enthusiasm, dedication to quality and trust to the man.
Modern architectural solutions are combined with the functionality, quality and economy. It is the result of comprehensive proposals and creative cooperation of various portions. Constantly bringing new standards in design, our team seeks the forefront of architectural expression. The design and implementation of the designs in each case come to meet the user’s operational needs.
Based on functionality, optimal space utilization and economy, the detail defines the high end result of the construction. Each line of the architectural plan, after being evaluated for its feasibility, leads to a series of original construction details that are solved with absolute precision.


Project Management90%
Energy Investments90%
Consultant Agency85%

The Team