About Us

Kapsalis Construction Engineering Corporation is a collaboration of engineers which are operating in the construction area. Our long experience, great expertise and completed projects constitute a guarantee for our customers.


Kapsalis Construction Company via its experienced scientific team of engineers assumes the study and proposals, as well as solutions following your needs.


With vast experience in project management and construction, the technical company Kapsalis, has the capability to fulfill any of your desire, perfectly combining functionality, quality and economy.

Project Management

The challenge we face in the management of our projects is to ensure that the project will be executed and delivered after having considered our designated limitations. A project is a range of activities selected with the aim of achieving predetermined objectives.

Consultant Agency

Kapsalis Technical Company by providing a wide range of specialized services and practical management tips, enable customers to achieve the best value for the acquisition of their residence but also to enjoy safe and confident in their investments.


The tremendous investments made in energy efficiency globally have resulted in saving, that the energy that is saved is ultimately much more than that produced from the one obtained by the most ways.

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